Company Name: 
Mailing Add: 

Kind Attn.: Mr. Jack Wey-- General Manager (hope I would be the GM one day) 

Subject: XXXXX Cooperation/ 

Dear Mr. Jack Wey 

[Your company] is the main [your product] manufacturer in China since 1968, our major clients are[those have very good reputation and renown companies in the field that have direct or indirect biz with your company, i.e. IBM, SONY .. ]. 

We believe that you can rely on us as we provide you quite satisfactory service and products with best quality at most competitive price in the world. We are very happy if you do not hesitate to send us any of your inquiries and we will always give satisfactory services. 

Products: (product range) 
Standards: (product design standard, if any) 
Service: (product applicable field, function) 
Size: (don’t fuckingly tell your client you don’t know) 

Certificates: (certificates that your company got) 
Annual Sales Turnover: ( just list some number here,) 
Staff No.staff no of your company, if your company is big, if not, omit this point) 
Cover of Land list some number here) 

Looking forward to hearing from you at your convenience. 

Thanks & best regards, 

P.S. I am attaching our product catalogue/scope of service for your future reference in my following email to you, please kindly check. 
( please don’t send your product catalogue in the email, you are telling him here is showing your respect to him that you are sending good info to him,but not spam, therefore, you better send another email to your client with your product catalogue. Your client will check it if your products are of him/her interest) 


Dear all, I am jack wey, this above mentioned email for marketing is only one sample to your general potential clients, it would be revised accordingly to different clients. 
Kindly be informed that email marketing is mainly depending on your SET title, therefore pls try to improve TO SET THE TITLE OF YOUR EMAIL. 

1. 邮件标题(要是我,邮件标题一看就知道是推销的,I am sorry, please fuck off and stay in my trash box) 
2. 邮件内容是否吸引/对客户是否有效,有利可图;客户是否感兴趣. 
3. 所联系的人的职位和权利(Pls send to the RIGHT PERSON) 
4. 发信人日后沟通技巧,plus 
5. others 



记住,成功的开发信,一般要有电话跟踪才能比较有效果,当然有幸运的人,或是客户也正好有询价,有货采购才会直接跟你联系,所以为什么要日后电话沟通的原因。现在一般一个客户一天能收到很多信,你只有电话过去了,说明你请况,他才知道你是谁,什么公司,下次在电话的时候,他会说“oh, Jack? Jack wey from China,XXX company? Oh, how are you? …..”. 


Dear Mr. JACK, 
Thank you for your e-mail & I do appreciate the content.(讲得是我开发信的内容) 
I do not have any hesitation to start business with your esteemed company.对我公司感兴趣 
Thus I ask you kindly to arrange courier me full set of all your catalogs in one binder along with copies of all your certificates , end user approvals ,..etc. 需要一些文件进一步合作 

Also, I would like to hear from you in details about your previous operation in middle east area . 
Do you have agent,distributer,..etc?想成为我们代理分销商 

Best Regards 

标题: Mr. XXX + 他公司的名称 (点名道姓和公司,一目了然) 
MOrning! Mr. XXXXXX 

This is Jack, Sales Manager from a well established PRODUCT manufacturer in China. Hope I reach the right person at the right time to talk about PRODUCT cooperation and strategies for your company? 

I did a little bit research on your company and I’m sure you would be continuously looking at opportunities to expand your product supplying scope/services and make it as the brand to own your company reputation in the PRODUCT market and increase your market return with your constant efforts. 

We can fulfill any of your business needs and maximize your business profits compared with lots of PRODUCT manufacturers as we are newly launching DDDD brand PRODUCT in international market. 

Our business reference includes: 
l 20 years appointed OEM for EU,USA PRODUCT manufacturers 
l Approvals from .......(主要客户,最好是国际同行知名企业)… 
l 70%~80% products for international application 
(for more details, please contact us) 这个地方用黄色文字背景,突出公司优势 

As the GM of 客户公司名称 , it is your responsibility to find a sustainable and trustworthy business partner relationship and ensure a promising company future. 我的公司 is interested in cooperating with you to uncover the PRODUCT demand of 客户市场 market from now on. As you have experiences in PROCUT, it would be easier to seize the opportunity to win great PRODUCT demand in 客户市场。 

Hope to have your excited feedback TODAY. 

Thanks &regards, 

24 hours available for you!




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