1. Easy: Your letter to promote the language must be concise, not wordy Rory. Because a lot of foreign businessmen do not have much patience, if you promote the first letter very lengthy letter esoteric terminology, they simply will not read, the results are often dealt with as spam.

 2. Professional: in the message must indicate that you are a professional company with professional products and professional sales and after-sales staff, you write the e-mail is not easy to put you together with your professional and basic courtesy are also omitted lost in the mail must be attached at the end of your contact details, including your name, position, company name, phone, fax, E-mail address, URL and company address information content, give each other a very formal impression.

 3. Appropriate: in fact the most appropriate not easy! Buyers want good products and people to deal with, if you write the first letter of closure when it made many mistakes in the promotion, one look is layman, buyers will think you are not real manufacturer, or not familiar with the product, it may be gone. This is the beginning of my article Why Writing messages emphasize the background of clients before the understanding and analysis of the importance of customers, because if you are on the client is not know, write a letter of promotion is very likely amounts.

 4. Clear: we must make full use of the advantages of e-mail transmission of images, so better able to explain the problem, but can also reduce costs, with the aid of diagrams the effect of the language than simple chatter more directly. In addition, messages sent before, it is necessary to carefully check about whether or not the spelling or grammar errors, put as much as possible may give others a bad impression to minimize. clarity of the message is a success.

   There is also that in the first letter promotion letter is issued, the constant and careful tracking of customers is also very important, even if customers do not have intention to buy, but because you are from the regular track, customers would have impressed you, once he purchase similar products have demand for the one time thought of you, but even if the customer does not have intention to buy, he would recommend to his friend.














Dear Sirs/Madam,


  We got your infomation from internet.(告诉客户你从哪里搞到他们的联系方式)


  I am Michael who is a sales service of ABS SYSTEM. (告诉客户你是谁,什么公司)


  Thank you for spending 1 munites reading our mail. (要客户继续读信必须说的客套话)


  ABS website system are very POP in Europe,Canada,U.S.A,Japan,China,Hongkong...etc.   ABS website will be your Business key.(Pls check attach picture) (简要说明产品,邮件里可附产品图片)


  what is the advantageof ABS website system? (说明你产品的优势和对客户的好处,激发购买欲望)


  1.Help you save marketing cost,you will have 7*24*365 show roow online.


  2.Low cost business mail system you customer will not Spam you maill again.


  3.Easy control your website infomation and just a office girl can do it.


  4.You customer will visit you website in hight speed in anywhere in global.


  If you are interested in them,we will send our quotation and specifications to you.(这句点题,若客户感兴趣会让你报价的)


  Any questions,do not hesitate contact us.(结尾,说明服务周到)


  Best regards,(标准格式)


  Michael   ABS System   Tel: +86-756-2327601   Fax: +86-756-2136854   E-mal: 你的邮件  Web: 你的网址




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